Meet the Professional

Emmanuel Gantet
Export Manager Lanson Champagne

On October 12th 2016, A&E launched the Lanson Champagne White Label at Cove Beach Dubai, an outstanding Restaurant-Lounge on the beach where guests were asked to come dressed in white.
As soon as I enter there was quite a great vibe, it was also the first time for me to walk in Cove and I was amazed by the setting and details of this venue on the beach with an amazing view of the Burj Al Arab.
The launch was in a private area of Cove and I cannot deny the fact that all the time there is an event with Champagne, the people around are much happier and relaxed.
Lanson White Label is a Champagne where 29 grams of sugar are added to the dosage.
Off course this makes Champagne sweeter and softer, the idea behind with this slick white bottle is to reach the younger consumer mostly Russian and new world that loves more those style, so are specific designed for premium clubs and beach bar properly like The Cove.
There are other product alike the White Label of Lanson, first of all the Moet Ice were the sugar added to the dosage is 47 grams, to be enjoyed in his balloon glass with ice. Also Vueve Clicquot produces Rich, and the sugar added is 60 grams.
At the end of the launch I had a few words with Messieur Emmanuel Gantet, Export Manger for the House of Lanson, which is the 4th oldest house of Champagne, founded in 1760 by François Delamotte and is still family owned since 6 generations.

LUCA: Lanson White Label, why and how is related to the Moet Ice Imperial and Rich by Vueve Cliquot?
EG: Moet created the Ice Imperial in 2010, beautiful slick bottle in white and they were the first to introduce this color on a bottle of Champagne. On the back of the bottle they placed a pictures of ice cubes as they suggested serving it with ice. The rich by Cliquot was launched in the middle of 2015 and is silver coated bottle, much more sweeter than the other two and more for a cocktail approach.
Lanson House launched the White Label in 2012, to follow other label like the black label for non-vintages, the Gold Label for vintages, the Rose Label for Rose Champagne. So the white label is not in any sense coping someone else label as we don’t encourage to place ice, or mixed in cocktails but is more about matching it with fruit as orange peel, mint leaves, raspberries.
Also the production is different as our White label doesn’t undergo malolactic fermentation as we don’t want to decrease the natural acidity in the wine, and we apply this to all the labels of the House of  Lanson since is birth.
Having this in mind when we created the White Label with only 28 gr of sugar added /liter of sugar so its more near a Sec Champagne while Moet Ice Imperial is a demisec  and Rich by Vueve Cliquot is a doeux, so our White Label has more pronounced acidity , we have a product that is more balanced between sugar-acidity. So at the end I can say that the 3 Champagne are very much different from one of other as they follow in 3 different categories and have different meanings.
We have launched our White Label in Washington DC, Moskow and St. Petersburg as are all markets that enjoy much sweeter and softer style of Champagne, and the idea is properly to open our door to much open audience and in particular younger consumer that can rejuvenate our House.

LUCA: Whats your thoughts on English Sparkling Wine:
EG: Our management is not keen in this market yet, even so other Champagne House have acquired lands in England.
Despite the fact that categories like prosecco, cremant and other sparklings are increasing share in the market, also the Champagne is in an healthy state, last year we have registered 4.6 bilion Euro as value, for a total of 300 milion bottles produced, our total production is around 5 milions bottles produced per year so we have quite big portion of the market for a single House Champagne.

LUCA: which markets enjoy’s more Champagne
EG: UK market is the biggest Champagne importer, very well educated in our product since long time, they are very committed to Champagne either for celebration or for  food pairing.
US is another strong Market and also price wise much is much cheaper than the European market.
Japan is on top ranking for prestige Champagne product as Vintages and other top Cuvees.
The UAE market reaches 2 million bottles per year sold between airlines, duty free and duty paid.

LUCA: Champagne is going to the same route of natural wine/organic?
EG: Very great questions as we have launched the Lanson Green Label, its an organic wine, we own this small vineyard, in the Vallée de La Marne, it will be the first international Grand Marque to be able to launch this organic wine, we have been certified by AB and we will be the pioneer for this category, as we believe the organic wine will be the future.

LUCA: Apart Champagne what other favourite wines do you drink?

EG: I’m a big fine of French wine from the Rhone valley, big fun of Tuscany and in particular Brunello di Montalcino.

Emmanuel Gantet