Outstanding #winetasting @coyadubai by @african_eastern and #exportmanager par #chateaurauzansegla Andrean Gornard.

The wines where

@chateaurauzansegla #2005 #2008 & #2011: tree completely different vintages, with the ‘05 which was completely opened and ready to drink. Elegant with lots of secondary aromas of pencil, cedar, tobacco leaves.

The ‘08 was much more floreal, fruitier and underbrush notes of mushrooms.

While the ‘11 was still tight but with lots of freshness on the palate, surely a wine which will impress in few years.

We also had the Segla 2011 & 2012, which is not properly a #secondwine but comes from a different plot.

The ‘11 was ripe, mouthful, round while the ‘12 was less riper, higher in tannins and more on a classic style of the #chateau.

The tasting followed with the tasting of @chateaucanon #2001 & #2004 from #saintemilion

The ‘04,was displaying rich black fruit, intense, on the palate had fresh tannin and vegetable note.

The ‘01 was the ? of the night: explosive nose, reductive, on the palate had elegance , roundness and plenty of minerality.

The last wine was the Croix Canon #2012 also from Saint Emilion: with its 70% #merlot had plenty of red fruits violet, ash and pencil on the palate.

All the wines were paired with the spectacular food of Coya. Big shout out to @alazaroni and her #sommelier team for the #amazingservice.

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