5 12, 2016

MEET THE CHEF – Pawel Viktorek, Culinary Boutique & Cafe

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With Dubai’s growing restaurant scene, we are getting as much diversity in our restaurant choices as all the major cities in the world. One concept that caught our attention lately is Culinary Boutique. It is not just a restaurant, but also a complete food programme for everyone, including kids, professional foodies and chefs alike.

5 12, 2016

MEET THE PROFESSIONAL – Isabel Monteiro, Market Manager Symington Family

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Yes, MMI one of the two beverage operators in Dubai celebrating 100 years presence in the market. Many people like myself were totally shocked by the news as we couldn’t believe alcohol was sold back then.

5 12, 2016

MEET THE BARTENDER – Sany Bacsi, Head Bartender Coya

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In a city that prides itself on being ostentatious, it is sometimes challenging to find authenticity. Sany Bacsi is a refreshingly modest Gentleman with a wealth of knowledge that he is all too happy to share. It is this friendly and eager character that has helped the Hungarian go from strength to strength and like many a great story of Dubai, his success story started at the bottom (and now he is here)! The bar Manager of COYA Dubai, an award winning Latin American Lifestyle restaurant opened nearly 2 years ago on Jumeirah Road in the Four Seasons Hotel, talks to TastedAndRated through his philosophy.